• Homewood (map)
  • 19 Zillicoa Street
  • Asheville, NC, 28801
  • United States

Guest teacher for 2 regular weekly 5Rhythms sessions in Asheville, NC

Wednesday, Sept 14 - Sweat Your Prayers, minimally guided 6-8 pm

Thursday, Sept 15 - 5Rhythms Class 6-8 pm

Both sessions are in the same location

WEDNESDAY FOCUS: This session will invite 'Embodied YUM.' When we allow our awareness to focus on pleasure as we move, we easily connect to Being Present. How delicious can your elbows and toes actually be?! We were born blissful as babes and often through life's challenges and conditioning, we have disconnected and surpressed our ecstasy in the Joy of Movement. Even as a seasoned dancer, I can get caught up in rote, habitual dance patterns where I forget myself. Join me in re-membering our juicy selves, from tip to toes!

THURSDAY FOCUS: The Breath Connection. This 5Rhythms® moving meditation invites you to come home to embodied presence through the conscious connection to breath as we move. Breath - our vital connection to life itself - has long been the tool of choice in meditation. Nothing like the breath to keep us present to this moment! Bringing our awareness to consciously connecting to breath while we dance can truly take us on a deep journey. We breathe life into forgotten corners of our being and dance them into lght. We fuel our vitality and passion. Looking forward to deliciously and generously inhaling and exhaling with you!

Fee is sliding scale $10-20, reduced fee available ask teacher before class