Care to host a 5Rhythms® workshop for your community?

Happy to travel to share my passion with your tribe. Currently working with the themes listed below. Choose from 1-Day, Weekend or 5-Day format. Open to all levels of experience and ability. These are 5Rhythms® Waves Level workshops. All hours can be applied to 5Rhythms® teacher training requirements. Read testimonials here.

Chakra Journey

This 5Rhythms® workshop can be a weekend or 5 days. 

Energy naturally seeks equilibrium and harmony. Challenges arise when we impose our ideas on how it ‘should’ move. The ancient chakra system holds essential keys to finding this balance and fostering healthier relationships with ourselves, others and the world.

Exploring the chakras via the healing, moving meditation map of the 5Rhythms®, we embark on a delicious journey of embodying these vital questions: Do I feel grounded and supported? What’s my relationship to pleasure and nourishment? Do I feel empowered? What is my heart saying? Where is creativity manifesting in my life? Do I trust my intuition? How does spirit connect to my life? 

Restore and revitalize yourself on this weekend movement adventure discovering how energy works within and without. 

Natural Mystic

This 5Rhythms®workshop can be a weekend or 5 days.

Each of the 5Rhythms is connected with an element. During this workshop, you can experience and explore how they fuel your dance and how they move in your daily life and relationships.

The continuous movement of flowing calls you back in your earthy body, so that you find your ground and ability to be present in this moment. The staccato dance ignites fire and initiates direct communication. The water of chaos allows cleansing and releasing. It breaks us open so we can surrender to the next rhythm, the big open space. Lyrical air is ever changing, invites the shapeshifter in us, the fiddler on the roof. And ether breath moves through everything, connects us all.



This 5Rhythms® workshop can be a 1 day, weekend or 5 day format.

To shift… Life throws us curve balls both challenging and opportune. How we engage with unexpected circumstances is key. Can we stay centered or do we get derailed? Do we resist the changes clinging to what we want and not what is? Can we adjust our attitude and our desires to meet the moment? Often it is somewhere in between. How do we find comfort, if not excitement, in being in these shifting moments where the unknown is a gift in itself?

This workshop explores how we can embody change and bring greater awareness to our interaction with it. Simple and profound, the 5Rhythms® practice will offer you valuable life tools to dance through changes with grace.



This 5Rhythms® workshop can be a 1 day, weekend or 5 day format.

To trust is a practice. Heart breaks, promises not kept, intuition not followed, fears of being hurt .. to find the courage to trust ourselves and others again can be challenging. How do we move forward, remain open, know our boundaries, honor our vulnerability and strengths? 

We shall follow the 5Rhythms® Waves map to investigate, communicate and appreciate our relationship to trust. 

Simple and profound, the 5Rhythms® practice will offer you valuable life tools to dance into deeper trust with grace.