5Rhythms Class - Guest teacher - Sunday, July 7 - COLD SPRING, NY

Sweat Your Prayers - Guest teacher - Sunday, July 14 - NYC, NY

5Rhythms Class - Guest teacher - Saturday, July 27 - PROVO, UT

Ecstatic Dance SLC - Guest DJ - Sunday, July 28 - SALT LAKE CITY, UT

5Rhythms Class - Monday, July 29 - SALT LAKE CITY, UT

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - Guest teacher - Sundays, Aug 11 & 18 - LOS ANGELES, CA

Dancing Souls - Guest teacher - Wednesdays, Aug 14 & 21 - LOS ANGELES, CA

5Rhythms Sweat - Guest teacher - Wednesday, Aug 14 - LAGUNA BEACH, CA

LA Dance Collective - Guest facilitator - Saturday, Aug 17 - LOS ANGELES, CA

Santa Barbara Dance Tribe - Guest facilitator - Sunday, Aug 25 - SANTA BARBARA, CA


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These 5Rhythms sessions are a sublime and rocking invitation to let go and let yourself be. All that is needed is your curiosity, your big, beautiful breath and showing up for yourself in the name of freedom. 

This is a dynamic, moving meditation practice appropriate for all bodies and abilities. It is YOUR dance, your exploration that only you can do. No steps to learn; you follow your own leader.

Non-denominational. INTOXICANT-FREE

FAQS for newcomers

Each session provides a teaching piece that encourages participants to embody the universal wisdom of the 5Rhythms practice, lessons that are truly life tools beyond the dance floor. Beginning with a warm up on your own, we often move into a short teaching piece/demo followed by dancing a wave of music on your own to then assimilate and explore the suggested theme.