• Lake Merritt Dance Center (map)
  • 200 Grand Avenue at Harrison Street
  • Oakland, CA
  • USA

Guest teaching a 5Rhythms class for Sayrah Garrison's weekly session in Oakland

5Rhythms Waves Class - Embodied YUM!

As we cycle into Summer, we feel all life greet the energy of the sun with juicy abundance. Fruits and vegetables abound with delicious ripeness. Let us celebrate our own juicy aliveness in an embodied YUM dance. We bring loving awareness to our inner gardens flourishing with creativity and self nurture through self love. Movement is the path to re-member our deliciousness in every cell. Bliss is our birth right.

Through the map of the 5Rhythms, we will take a deep dive into our own inner landscape to discover our authentic selves. The only requirement is that you have a curious mind and a desire to explore creativity, connection and community.

Located in the Oakland Veteran’s Building/Senior Center
$20 drop-in, $15 student/senior, $100 for book of 6 classes