Wishing you an expansive New Year and love to dance with you in it!

FLOW: May the rhythm of Flow empower you with deeper trust in your feet, feeling your way IN, a more relaxed and rooted groundedness, self-nurturance, greater receptivity, the ability to let yourself softly unfold and to listen to your deepest instincts.

STACCATO: May the rhythm of Staccato empower your greater clarity of direction, your ability to communicate your truth from the heart, deeper commitment to taking action and following through, strength to break through limitations, more meaningful connections and exchanges, the passion to follow your heart.

CHAOS: May the rhythm of Chaos empower you to surrender deeper into the Bigger Picture, to let yourself be wilder and more uninhibited, to free up all your concepts-the good, the bad & the ugly, to loosen tightness.

LYRICAL: May the rhythm of Lyrical empower you to expand and open your wings wider than ever, to shape shift into any creation you can imagine from the tiny to the outrageous, to feel greater joy in life, to relax more and effort less.

STILLNESS: May the rhythm of Stillness empower you to abide in more profound centeredness, to get out of your way and let things happen, to trust more in the fullness of you and your connection to all creation.