Remember the sensation of flying backwards on a swing and that heavenly still point before you started to move forward again? Especially the ecstatic dizziness you felt when you released your head as you flew and melted your edges into the air around you?

Last Sunday's 5Rhythms session explored dancing backwards and moving from the back body: the shoulder blades, the sacrum, the back of the knees. The feeling was akin to being on a swing... wonderful. The whole session in fact was a free fall... not what I had planned. Turned out we had a lot of elbow room and then a discussion on how we mostly dance facing a live band led to the inspiration to feel into space backwards.

free fall

It takes trust in one's intuition and feet to surrender to this motion and feel safe. What you discover is that you have more intuition in your body than you may give it credit. Mind loves to worry. This dance encourages the mind to surrender to the body's wisdom. Incredibly relaxing the more you trust yourself. 

It's amazing how little conscious airtime we give our back body. We are so visually focused that awareness tends to be forward-centric.

I invite you to break this habit and discover where your shoulder blades or heels might lead you in the dance. Even when you walk down the street, simply shift your awareness to include the back body. It may have a wealth of information to share with you.