Do I need dance or meditation experience?

Not at all. This is a moving meditation practice so you are invited to show up as who you are in this moment. It is all about fostering awareness. This might mean that you are an amazing dancer or you feel like you have two left feet. You might even be physically challenged. All are welcome here. The practice is a personal journey to embodied consciousness. It's your dance, your meditation as only you can do it. Everyone's a natural; you have all the "tools" you need to access AHA moments!

This is my first time. What should I expect?... and I am slightly nervous!

Please feel free to come up to me and tell me that you are new to the practice. We all have been beginners... and essentially are every time we dance! We start with some warm up songs where you are invited to stretch and move as you need. A concept or structured piece will be introduced to the group. After experimenting with the theme together, we will dance a Wave with some light guidance to further explore the particular concept. You may dance alone or with others - it's always your choice. 

Helpful Tips for Newcomers
• Please wear loose comfortable clothes
• Please wear a soft shoe or barefoot - no socks on the dance floor. Orthopedic shoes are fine.
• Please bring a bottle of water
• Please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or jewelry
• Each person is responsible for their own well-being and body during the entire class. Pace yourself
• Newcomers are always welcome
• Please enter the space in silence. We do not talk while on the dance floor.
• No technology or recording devices
• No gum
• This is a drug and alcohol free space

Can children come?

Dance joy

If children can respect the "no talking" on the dance floor rule, they are welcome. Please contact me before bringing children so we can assess if this would be an appropriate practice for them and the parents. 

What kind of music is played?

We travel the light fantastic, visiting music genres from all over the world from decades past to cutting-edge present. World beat is mixed with house, ballads, jazz, classical, techno to zen. The music playlist is created in a 5Rhythms wave: Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and ending in Stillness. Always a musical adventure!

Should I consult my doctor about participating? What if I use a wheelchair?

If you are concerned about your physical well-being, it mght be a good idea to consult your physician about participating in movement. While this is a self-regulated practice, the group energy and music will certainly escalate at times. You may be tempted into a more cardio-vascular activity than you anticipate. Please feel free to contact me with concerns as well. 

It is absolutely not a  problem to participate if you are physically challenged. Contact me with questions regarding wheelchair accessibility at specific venues as some may not be equipped.