• Inantitah (map)
  • Ometepe Island
  • Nicaragua

Join us, for Natural Mystic, a 5Rhythms® journey through the Waves level map of the 5Rhythms®, embodying the basic elements that make up our life force energy: Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Ether.

By embodying the qualities and the rhythms of each of these elements through movement, we receive valuable cellular information about how energy works within us, how it interacts with others, and connects us with the world arounds us.

"If you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself...Movement is the medicine. ~ Gabrielle Roth

Flowing connects us to our Earthy body and intuition. We find our ground and cultivate nurturance.
Staccato ignites the Fire of our clarity, vision, expression and passion.
Chaos cleanses us in it’s deep, wild waters. Taking the path of least resistance, the Water element sweeps us into surrender and let go.
Lyrical is the natural outcome of this wave of energy. We lighten up in the open field of Air, expanded, uninhibited and spontaneous.
In Stillness, we merge into Ether where all divisions cease and we are connected to all.

Imagine being held by dancing on the earth, around the fire, in the water, with the wind and landing in the etheric realms of magic. Our journey, supported by the surroundings of InanItah and the the magical Ometepe island, will be held on rich fertile ground, nestled between fire and water volcanoes, kissed by the breezy Caribbean trade winds and surrounded by the etheric beauty of this magical island, known to locals as the "Oasis of Peace."

REGISTRATION DETAILS - Register & pay online here
Space is LIMITED *** A $150 deposit reserves your spot ***
The cost to stay at InanItah, including meals and access to the garden, ranges from $26 - $42 per night depending on your accommodation choice.
Contact fire.inanitah@gmail.com to book lodging, register in person and make inquiries.

InanItah earth-based spiritual retreat on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. During the Fires Season, from August 15 - February 15th each year, we create a transformational living and learning community inspired by the path of freedom and aliveness. Our vision is to raise spiritual and environmental consciousness and create space for individual and collective transformation.

For details about staying at InanItah and being a part of the community, please see the website: 
About staying with us: http://www.inanitah.com/living/introduction/
About staying as a visitor: http://www.inanitah.com/living/visiting-us/