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Dancing the Chakras through the 5Rhythms map on magical Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.

 Dancing in lush nature!

Dancing in lush nature!

Energy… where is it flowing easily in your life? Where does it feel stuck or too intense?
Energy naturally seeks equilibrium and harmony. Challenges arise when we impose
our ideas on how it ‘should’ move.  The ancient chakra system holds essential keys to finding this balance and fostering healthier relationships with ourselves, others and the world.

Exploring the chakras via the healing, moving meditation map of the 5Rhythms®, 
we embark on a delicious journey of embodying these vital questions: 
Do I feel grounded and supported? What’s my relationship to pleasure and nourishment? 
Do I feel empowered? What is my heart saying? Where is creativity manifesting
in my life? Do I trust my intuition? How does spirit connect to my life? 

Restore and revitalize yourself on this week long movement adventure exploring
how energy works within and without. 

Open to all levels of experience and abilities. No pre-requisites. All workshop hours count towards 5Rhythms teacher training. This is a 5-DAY WAVES level workshop

Imagine being held by dancing on the earth, around the fire, in the water, with the wind and landing in the etheric realms of magic. Our journey, supported by the surroundings of InanItah and the the magical Ometepe island, will be held on rich fertile ground, nestled between fire and water volcanoes, kissed by the breezy Caribbean trade winds and surrounded by the etheric beauty of this magical island, known to locals as the "Oasis of Peace."

"Movement is the movement of change. In my experience, if you put your psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is the medicine. Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be our own medicine man or woman." ~ Gabrielle Roth, Founder of the 5Rhythms


Space is LIMITED. A $95 deposit reserves your spot *
The cost for Room & Board at InanItah, including meals and access to the garden, ranges from $26 - $42 per night depending on your accommodation choice.

*Should you choose to cancel your registration for the workshop, in most circumstances this deposit is strictly non-refundable. An exception to this may arise in the case of Ometepe experiencing political violence.

Contact fire.inanitah@gmail.com to book lodging, register in person and make inquiries.

As you may be aware, Nicaragua is currently experiencing political unrest and some areas have been effected by political violence. The unrest began in April 2018 and has been concentrated in Masaya, and the north of Nicaragua. Southern Nicaragua and the island of Ometepe have been largely unaffected, and no political violence has been experienced on Volcan Maderas where Inanitah is located. There have been no reports of any incidents effecting tourists throughout Nicaragua.

In the event that the island of Ometepe begins to experience political violence or unrest, workshop participants who have paid the deposit will be contacted. Participants will at this point be given the option to elect to cancel their course registration. Those who wish to cancel under these circumstances will be refunded their deposit of $95.

Managua Airport in Nicaragua is the closest airport to Ometepe and has been the most common travel route for workshop participants. At this time however, we would suggest that travel via Liberia airport in Costa Rica as the most convenient option. This route avoids the areas in northern Nicaragua that have experienced various travel delays due to political protests, and is only slightly further than travel from Managua.  We believe that while not necessarily unsafe, avoiding traveling through northern Nicaragua will also serve to ensure peace of mind on the part of workshop participants. 

Travel options to Ometepe from Costa Rica:

Flying into Liberia Airport is the most convenient airport from which to reach Ometepe, and is located 90 kilometers from the Nicaraguan Border, and is a bit over an hour and $50 by taxi, two and half hours by bus and $5 travel by bus.  Once you’ve crossed the  Nicaraguan boarder, you travel to San Jorge where you get the ferry to Ometepe. This is either an hour by bus and $1.5, or 40 minutes by a taxi and $15.  A taxi service on the island will cost $35 to InanItah’s kitchen and there is also the option of taking a bus for about $2, in which case you will need to walk about 30 minutes.

Flying to San Jose is another good option as is it is possible to travel by bus to the border, and this trip takes about 4,5 hours. We suggest that if you arrive in San Jose you begin your travel in the morning. If your flight arrives in the afternoon or evening, we suggest staying the night in Alajuela which is very close to San Jose airport and has many affordable accommodation options. The Deldu bus leaves from San Jose Airport and is the service we recommend for traveling to the border.

InanItah earth-based spiritual retreat on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. During the Fires Season, from August 15 - February 15th each year, we create a transformational living and learning community inspired by the path of freedom and aliveness. Our vision is to raise spiritual and environmental consciousness and create space for individual and collective transformation.

For details about staying at InanItah and being a part of the community, please see the website: 
About staying with us: http://www.inanitah.com/living/introduction/
About staying as a visitor: http://www.inanitah.com/living/visiting-us/

 2017 5Rhythms Workshop: Natural Mystic participants

2017 5Rhythms Workshop: Natural Mystic participants